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When motion is the result from the action of chi, true expression of the body is achieved ............
                       When united with the self, the spirit and the mind,  the dao is perceived ............  


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  What is Tai Chi ?
Tai Chi is an internal martial art which emphasises as deep a relaxation or "softness" in the musculature as possible. Through relaxation it is possible to exert an effective control over the mind and body which can be advantageous for the practitioners health and also an invaluable skill if the need for combative action arises.

28 September 2006

Classes return to the Alumwell Community Centre and School.

    Class structure and training

Classes consist of two sub groups.

Training for those who do not know the complete movements encompassing the form is under the supervision of Dave Rudd.

Training for individuals with a knowledge of the complete tai chi form is undertaken by Craig Swinnerton.

This segment of the class works on push hands techniques, applications of the form and the use of energy within the form and also within applications.

 Classes begin with qi gong exercises to allow chi to flow before commencing any form work and end with qi gong exercises to warm down from the energy workout the body receives.

  Craig has been practicing tai chi for over 15 years and is fully qualified instructor accredited by the BCCMA. His personal approach to training is to create an amicable atmosphere which encourages everybody to feel free to express themselves and share their personal experiences with one another on their tai chi journey. 
The result is more of a forum for learners which allows you to improve at your own pace with confidence.

Feel free to drop in to the class to see how tai chi can work for you. There is no obligation and nothing to lose as your first class is completely free!


There is a flow in the universe, and it is called dao. Dao flows slowly, however; it is never stagnant and is incredibly powerful and keeps things in the universe balanced and in order. It manifests itself through change of seasons, cycle of life, shifts of power, time, and so forth. Dao has a strong and deep connection with cosmology and the natural world, as the most well-known Daoist philosophers Laozi and Zhuangzi agreed. Dao is the law of Nature. When you follow dao, you become one with it. And it is best to also understand chi, because chi and dao go hand in hand. Chi is a Chinese term that is translated as breath, vapour, and energy. Because chi is the energy that circulates the universe, it can be said that dao is ultimately a flow of chi.


Tao or Dao  is the Chinese character that was a pivotal term in ancient Chinese history. Its most generic translation is 'way'.


Alumwell School
Primley Avenue
Wednesday's 7.30 pm


        Cheng Man-ch'ing (July 29, 1900 - March 26, 1975)  was trained in Chinese Medicine, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, calligraphy, painting and poetry. Due to his skill in these five areas (the traditional skills and pastimes of a Confucian scholar in ancient China) a non-official honorific title of his was "Master of Five Excellences."

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